1976: Open full-blown, authentic Mexican restaurant “Veracruz” in Kyoto

1986: Found Veracruz Company

1988: Found Japan Tortilla Co. Ltd. (a corn tortilla Kyoto factory attached to it)

・Install a corn tortilla production line and start production and sales of corn tortilla and corn chips

・Start importation of corn flour (masa), chili jalapeno, etc, from Mexico and the US

1991: Found Panama Joe Japan Co. Ltd.

1995: Change company name to World Trading Co. Ltd., from Panama Joe Japan

・Start importation and sales of flour tortillas and processed foods

1998: Build Odawara factory. Transfer and install the corn tortilla production line from Kyoto factory to Odawara factory and start production.

1999: Open Tokyo sales office

2001: World Trading Co. Ltd. acquires and merges Japan Tortilla Co. Ltd.

2007:  Move tortilla production factory from Odawara to Kanagawa (Samukawa) factory

・Newly install Japan’s first flour tortilla production machine No. 1 and start full-scale production in Japan

2008: Install flour tortilla production machine No. 2 and establish 2-line production system.

2010: Finish building Sagamihara factory (in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Pref.), install flour tortilla production machine No. 3 and No. 4 and start production.

2011: Move Tokyo Sales office to Shinagawa Ward.

2015: Transfer the flour tortilla production machine No. 3 and No. 4 overseas and newly install flour tortilla Mega Line No. 1 and start production.

2015: Acquire Halal certification

2016: Certified as certifying body for GMP International Food Standard Management System.

2017: Install flour tortilla Mega Line No. 2 in Sagamihara factory and start production, establishing fuller-scale production system.

2017: Acquire HACCP International Food Standard certification.


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