Message from the President

World Trading Co., Ltd. produces flour tortillas the flour made round flat bread originated in Mexico and brought up in the United States. Rice has been the essential staple food in Japan and bread as secondary. We have introduced flour tortillas as the third staple food and delivered wrap & rolls and burritos to convenience stores and fast food restaurants. Food custom in Japan has been diversifying and varying in many forms. We will continue introducing the fascination of the flour tortillas to meet food custom in Japan.

World Trading was founded in 1976 by opening a local Mexican restaurant in Kyoto, Japan, and promoted Mexican cuisine. We established the factory for corn tortillas and flour tortillas and installed fully automated production lines for manufacturing products of higher quality. Since then, we have tried to commonize flour tortillas in cuisine of Japan.

Recently, we are producing flour tortillas in both Kanagawa and Sagamihara factories. In Sagamihara factory, we installed Mega Line the world’s best productive machine for flour tortillas, and reinforced our mass production. We are making best effort to attain the “Safe and Reliable” production every day.

As a pioneer and primer of flour tortillas production in Japan, we promise devoting to customer’s demands by all company member’s dedication with the slogan “Dream to serve our flour tortillas as the third staple food in near future!”

And last but not least, I’d like to thank our customers and staff who have brought us to this stage with their continuous support.



Kunio Bessho



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