Other Canned Products

    Allow us to introduce a hint of recipes using our special canned goods like chipotle pepper, mashed refried beans, crushed and whole green tomatillo to mentioned a few.

Serving Suggestions ~調理例~

    Chipotle tomato pasta

    Pasta dressed with chipotle peppers and tomato sauce. You can enjoy the rich flavor of each ingredient.

    Soy cookies

    Mixing mashed frijoles in the cookie dough, you can feel the flavor of soy beans.

    Marinated scallops

    Marinated scallops accompanied with crushed green tomatillo.

    Sliced tender cactus in brine (Nopalitos)

    Nopalitos are carefully selected and prepared in brine (Saline water) offering a subtle salty taste. Nopalitos are suitable for many recipes like stewed dishes, complementing dishes and salads amongst others. It is crisp and ideal for marinades.