Mochi Crust

    Topped with glutinous rice flour, “MOCHI CRUST” has been released. This Japanesque taste product suits pizza margarita or seafood pizza, too. Our MOCHI CRUST comes as a large package (34cm×15cm: 300g) and you can cut it in small portions as you like.

Serving Suggestions ~調理例~

    Sukiyaki chewy pizza

    Prepare with fried beef mince to a crisp, topped with cheese.
    A subtle color will come up after adding some tomatoes.

    Mentai cheese MOCHI pizza

    The taste of exquisite harmony, served with MENTAI (seasoned cod roe).
    The cheese reduces the hot taste and is also suitable for kids.

    Mushroom MOCHI pizza

    Topped with riches of the mountain and full of flavor it attracts mushroom lovers.

    German potato MOCHI pizza

    Absolutely hearty stuffed with potatoes and chewy texture MOCHI taste.