Flour Tortilla

    Tortilla is a round flat thin bread which represents the Mexican cuisine. It goes well with dishes and ingredients from around the world. Corn and Flour Tortilla can be used with many different ingredients. In 2007 we proudly began our Flour Tortilla production at full scale at our Kanagawa factory which was relocated from Odawara factory.  By domestic manufacturing, we are able to deliver it to our customers in a shorter period of time than ever. We also offer flour tortilla to private brands (PB), which are made according to each customer's request. Enjoy a variety of dishes with ingredients such as meat, seafood, vegetables, rice and many more!

Serving Suggestions ~調理例~

    Summer vegetables and eggs’ wrap

    Ingredients: cucumber, tomato and ham, topped with mayonnaise and tomato sauce.

    Thin crust tortilla shell (pizza style)

    Our thin crust tortilla shell is great to prepare your own Pizza with your favorite ingredients.

    Jambalaya twister

    Enjoy flour tortilla wraps with seasonal vegetables and delicious meat fillings.

    Colorful Soft Tacos with beef and vegetables

    Soft Tacos with seasoned beef mince & topped with your favorite salad and cheese.