Flavored Tortilla

    Seasoned by vegetables and spices, you can enjoy a colorful and flavored “Wrap & Roll”. Available varieties include spinach, tomato, and whole wheat. Make of your meal an enjoyable experience along with colorful ingredients on your table.

Serving Suggestions ~調理例~

    Chilled shabu-shabu salad roll

    Wrap Japanese shabu-shabu style chilled meat and vegetables on a spinach flavored Tortilla.
    Cut and serve as you like.

    Jambalaya Roll

    Jambalaya goes well when you wrap it up on your favorite flavored Tortilla. You may prepare it as if you were making sushi rolls.

    Green and yellow vegetables

    Green and yellow vegetables, low in salt ham wrapped together for health-minded people. Topped it off with mayonnaise or you favorite sauce.

    Flavored tortilla chips

    Cut tomato, spinach, and whole wheat flour tortillas and deep-fry until crispy. This goes well with cold salsa.