Dried Chili Peppers

    Dried chili peppers are widely eaten in Mexico since the old times. There are many varieties holding such a long history on the pursuit of “hotness”. Some peppers have a slightly sweet taste while others are extremely hot. These are sometimes stir-fried to enhance the smell for stimulating appetite, used as a secret ingredient or reconstituted with hot water.

Serving Suggestions ~調理例~

    Chipotle chicken rice

    Easy preparation:
    Stir-fry chicken and tomatoes with chipotle pepper sauce and serve it over rice.

    Spicy tomato sauce on Sunny-Side-UP

    Mexico’s rustic sunny-side-up with dried arbol pepper based tomato sauce.

    Crispy shrimp stir-fry

    Stir-fry sliced dried pasilla peppers first (removed seeds and ribs). Once you begin to sense the roasting smell, add shrimps, seasoned with salt and pepper as you like and is Listo! (Ready!)

    Seafood tomato sauce

    Choose different types of dried chili peppers and boil in hot water. Use a mixer to make them into paste. Chopped tomatoes, onions, add consommé or chicken broth, salt and pepper and boil thoroughly.