Corn Tortilla

    Corn flour is Mexico’s principal ingredient in the food chain. Round corn tortillas are carefully baked and made from ground corn flour. Mexico’s most popular dish is, “tacos” which are made with corn tortilla filled with meat and vegetables. Tacos are served with jalapeño (hot chili) and salsa making tacos even tastier. Mexican cuisine is very popular in the USA and is common to see it at American homes. Mexican cuisine is so popular that it can be found at local food stalls and numerous fast food shops.

Serving Suggestions ~調理例~

    Meat and pickled vegetable tacos

    Corn tortillas topped with seasoned meat with tomato based sauce, finely cut lettuce and pickled onions

    Taco shell (deep-fried tacos)

    Deep-fried tortilla topped with chicken (seasoned with salt and pepper along with hot tomato based sauce).


    Deep-fried hot chorizo rolled on corn tortilla.
    As easy step and avoid fillings to come out of the tortilla secured your rolled tortillas using toothpicks.
    The deep-frying procedure will be much easier.


    Simmered (fried) meat and vegetables wrapped with corn tortilla, topped with home-made tomato sauce.