Chile Jalapeño

    Chile jalapeño is a green chili from Mexico. This food has a long history and is nowadays one of most popular chilies all over the world. Its size is about 5cm to 7cm in length, juicy and it has a unique flavor and taste. We have 3 jalapeño types “sliced”, “whole” and “diced”.

Serving Suggestions ~調理例~

    Acridity index

    Whole(top photo) :★★★★☆
    Diced(bottom left) :★★★★★
    Sliced(bottom right) :★★★☆☆

    Jalapeño fritter

    Stuffed Chile Jalapeños (remove seeds and ribs) with cheese. Deep-fry with coating the same way you would do TEMPURA (dip into batter made of water and wheat before deep-frying). Acridity is reduced by deep-frying and anyone can enjoy this tasty fritter.

    Jalapeño potato bacon roll

    Easy preparation:
    Cut alongside the Jalapeño (remove seeds and ribs) fill with mashed potato and roll them up with bacon.

    Sauce & dips

    Our variety of sauces and dips come in handy. You can use them in many ways.
    As topping for bread or as spices for stew etc.